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Strautmann is a long established German company specialising in the manufacture of vertical auger diet feeders and many other items of agricultural machinery. Strautmann products have become a major player in the rapidly growing auger diet feeder market. The Strautmann Verti-Mix is a proven reliable performer providing excellent value for money. The productive capacity in the production of milk is increased many times over by using feeders.

The tub feeders come in many sizes to meet fully the needs of each farmer depending on how big they are. Feeders start at 4m3 and Strautmann have now brought out a twin auger 28m3 machine. Optional cross conveyors and elevators are available on most models.

If you have any queries about any of our products you can useĀ our contact page to send us an E-mail.

Here is a list of our current range:

Verti-Mix 500


  • The second smallest in the Verti-Mix range, this 5m3 machine is ideal for those who feed in low volume batches.

Verti-Mix 951


  • The Verti-Mix 951 is a 9.5m3 machine.

Verti-Mix 1250


  • The Verti-Mix 1250 is a 12.5m3 machine. Available with one or two doors.

Verti-Mix 1251


  • The Verti-Mix 1251 is a 12.5m3 machine.

Verti-Mix 1500K


  • The Verti-Mix 1500K is a 15m3 machine with double augers and a two speed gearbox. Available with two doors.

Verti-Mix 3101


  • The Verti-Mix 3101 machine with two vertical mixing augers

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